Work with me

My name is Yemi Johnson and I am fascinated by wealth creation, hence why I moved from a job in farming to tech (internet companies). See my LinkedIn

I have gained a lot of valuable experience in strategy, business operations, marketing operations, and product management. Basically, I have worked across the entire tech company stack in one of the most competitive niches on the internet, online hotel booking, so you know I am solid.

I am currently pursuing ventures that will help me build leverage in any of these forms:

  • Knowledge: Not interested in esoteric knowledge. Generally interested in content that makes me understand how the world works, things that improve my decision-making ability, and information that gives me arbitrage in whatever ventures I pursue.
  • Capital: Capital is optionality to me. I want options (personal wealth and anti-fragile social capital) that frees me to do the things I want to do: make wealth for other people.
  • Network: Not interested in networking up. Generally interested in talking to kind, smart people that see the big picture, hustle to get what they want, and always pay it forward.

I have created a personal deck to help you understand who I am and how I think. And my resume to know what I have done, I try to be as honest as possible. You can also read my blog to know the topics I get curious about.

I am open to working with you on things that align with my incentives as a consultant or observer. 

If you need to reach me, email